Local 32 Training

As leaders in the industry, we have developed one of the most thorough and comprehensive training programs in the entire nation. Our two Training Centers utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to meet the changes in our industry, yet never forgetting that quality must prevail. 

Our program develops skilled sheet metal apprentices and journeypersons who are competent in all aspects of our trade and are able to work safely without close supervision. Training highly skilled sheet metal workers is part of our heritage, something that was started in the early years of this century when we first included apprentices in our membership. We formalized that responsibility in in the early 1900's when our first off-site training program began and set the standards for instruction and achievement.

Today, the program is governed by the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee, a group of union and employer professionals who realize the need to create a steady source of skilled sheet metal workers. The cooperation between the group stresses that training will provide the skills the marketplace requires. It also indicates that hard work will be rewarded with good employment. 

Our local union participates in the International Training Institute. This is a national organization that includes every Sheet Metal Fund in the country. They provide us with a wealth of training information and materials that comply with the highest standards of the industry.

Just as graduate programs exist in College, there is extensive Continuing Education Training available for the journeyperson sheet metal worker. Continuing education is necessary to keep current in the many special skills required in the sheet metal industry.

Upgrade programs are available in: Computer Aided Drafting; Testing Adjusting and Balancing of Air and Water Systems; Specialized Welding techniques including American Welding Society (AWS) certification and the latest Orbital Welding techniques; and many other specialty programs.

Apprenticeship in our trades is a highly selective program and each local union conducts their own training program.  

If you're interested, you should contact the training center for the area in which you reside.  To learn more about visit the training page for your area or contact us today.